About Us

Whisper Whip was established with a vision to bring to the customers the blend of the safest, most effective, research based ingredients at an affordable price.  Beautiful hair is HEALTHY HAIR and taking good care of your hair is the key to shiny, lustrous, healthy strands. Various external and internal factors make our hair dry, rough, limp and fragile. We have selected a line of products that provide deep nourishment and protection to hair without use of harsh chemicals.

We aim to provide the best hair care products for our customers. All of our products are free from harmful chemicals with all ingredients listed in plain view on each bottle.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we are committed to provide the best customer service. If you ever have any concern about our products, you can simply contact us.

For any questions you may contact us at 636-477-5765 or email us at thwhealthyhairsolutions@gmail.com